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Mold Removal (Remediation)

Water damage on building materials such as wood, paper, drywall, etc. can lead to mold growth. If the problem is left unattended, it may continue to grow bringing your remediation process from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

 Many mold problems lurk behind walls, ceilings, under carpeting, and under flooring. Water penetrates areas the eye cannot see, and mold begins to grow. Once you see visible signs on walls, ceilings, or floors (staining, mushrooms growing, etc.) the mold problem is usually pretty severe.

 Simply ripping out moldy building material can lead to spore rebase and cross contamination. We place work areas under negative air filtration and use equipment with HEPA filtration. Items are fully bagged before leaving the work area. Special cleaners and inhibiters are used to assure that the remediation process was a success.

 Thorough air quality testing is provided to determine the level of contamination, as well as remediation.
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