Whole House Power washing

Power washing and pressure washing both spray water with high pressure to clean various surfaces. While they have a similar basic function, they are distinct processes. The main power washing vs. pressure washing difference is that power washing uses heat in addition to water pressure.

Both techniques use water pressure to remove dirt, grime, algae, etc., from outdoor surfaces. However, power washing also heats water to clean hard to remove dirt.


The hot water of a power washer means it can do some jobs that a pressure washer can’t. For example, a power washer is best if you have spaces with tough dirt and grime, like grease, salt, or mildew. In addition to water pressure, hot water acts on persistent or stubborn dirt.


Power washing is a heavy-duty option. As such, it’s best for surfaces like cement or concrete because these durable materials can handle the heat.


Pressure washing is better for almost all other domestic or business uses because it effectively removes dirt without damaging the surface area with heat or excessive pressure — when used correctly.

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