To Whom it May Concern:

     Please accept my appreciation for the air duct cleaning services you performed on our home in April of 2005. Your explanation of the step by step process you use in cleaning the entire air system were thorough and simple to follow. My house feels noticeably cleaner and healthier for all who enter.

In Thanks,

Mrs. Bryan Perrotti, Pepperell, MA


     Never having had our air ducts cleaned, Roland was recommended to us to do the job. He explained the health benefits of the reduction of the dust mites and showed us the results of this cleaning. We have noticed a significant reduction of dust in our home. We found Roland to be courteous, prompt and thorough.

     In addition, we had him clean our carpets with the same high professional results. We recommend him for the high quality of his work and would have him again when the need arose.

Mel and Agnes Yankopoulos



Mr. Cormier:

     I want to thank you for cleaning both our carpets and our ductwork.

While the competitive pricing drew me, the quality of your work sold me. I couldn't have been more pleased with your professional and friendly service. It is a pleasure to do business with people who stand behind their work.

Thanks again for two jobs well done! Sincerely,

Kathleen Herold, Hampstead,NH



Dear Unit Owner:

     This past fall a friend of mine introduced me to Roland Cormier. It Marked a very lucky and profitable day. Roland has been in this field of work for 32 years. I am forwarding you a copy of his flyer and brochure.

     I have had asthma for several years and during the changes of the seasons it can be very bad. I approached Roland to do all my carpets and both my mattresses. Since then I have had less allergy symptoms and I seem to breathe much better.

     I also had him clean my furnace and all my heating outlets. It was amazing what came out of those heating ducts. Keyspan (the Gas Company) suggests this be done once every five years. I have also noticed a big difference in the way the heat blows into my unit.

     Please take the time and look over this flyer and brochure and decide for yourself. I highly recommend you call and speak with him. If for nothing else but a cleaner, healthier, and warmer home.

Thank you, Dave Abreu, Tyngsboro, MA




     I am writing regarding the services provided by Roland Cormier of Indoor Air Care. We hired Mr. Cormier to clean our air-ducts. We were initially impressed with his knowledge and the time he spent with us on the telephone, detailing the process involved in cleaning our system. At the time we were considering using Sears, but thought we would receive better service from Indoor Air Care. We made the right decision.

     Mr. Cormier and staff arrived promptly as promised to begin the work (no 3-5 hour windows like other vendors). They took great care in protecting my home using plastic to prevent debris and even removing their shoes while working on white carpet floors. They were required to move some furniture in order to access the air-ducts and did so with great care. When they left, my home was returned to its original condition, which is highly unusual these days.

     I was also impressed when they allowed me to view the ducts after they were cleaned. It was important to Mr. Cormier that I see the finished and know where my money was spent.

     I would highly recommend the services of Indoor Air Care. They are prompt, professional, offer competitive prices and their number one priority is customer service and satisfaction.

Jennifer Agri Billerica, MA


Dear Sirs,

     I put my home in your hands and I was not disappointed, you went over and above what any other contractor would have done or I would have expected. My basement is now a healthy environment for my grandchildren and family to enjoy for many years to come.

     My sincerest thanks for all your work, it was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Mrs. Christine Cabral


Central Baptist Church


9 Academy Street, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Office: (978)256-0855     E-mail: cbcl847@verizon.net

Dear Mr. Cormier:

     This is just a quick note to say "thank you" for the great job you did cleaning the ducts at the church. What a difference! You and your crew were terrific! We appreciate the hard work, the professional way in which you went at your work, and the results. The difference in the air quality was noticeable right away. The appearance of the grates and the amount of heat that flows through them has vastly improved. And we were thrilled at how well you cleaned up and put everything back in its place.

     To say the least, we are really glad to have used your services. From the beginning you treated us more than fairly, in price, scheduling and respect. Thank you for adjusting your schedule to the week that we could have the Littorin building empty, as well as working around the noontime meeting. With our six furnaces and complicated maze of ductwork, we really challenged your skill. You were certainly up to the challenge, and the compliments have been pouring in from those who use the buildings regularly.

     Thank you for the wonderful steam cleaning of the carpet in the church. Everyone noticed the difference on Sunday. Once again, you exceeded the expectations of the trustees. We will certainly want your services in the future, and we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for professional duct cleaning, carpet cleaning and filter service.


Rev. Tom Goldthwaite and The Board of Trustees



Dear Roland,

     A few days ago you cleaned our heating air ducts, and I just would like to tell you my wife was delighted with the courteous and efficient manner of your crew. It was a tough, dirty, and long job yet you did not make a significant mess anywhere. At the end of the job, I could not even tell anything had been disturbed. But she showed me the large sack of gunk that you removed from the ducts. Good riddance!

     For myself, I'm impressed that you thoroughly cleaned all intake and outlet vents as well as the ducts themselves. All vents were carefully cleaned, even those behind large furniture items like bureaus and beds. I have dust and air mold allergies, and already I am feeling better. Please extend our thanks for a job well done.

Sincerely, Roland Van, Chelmsford, MA



Hi Roland,

     I wanted to express my appreciation for the great job you did at my home on Friday. The rugs came out looking great ...especially the wool with the fringe in my living room. It hasn't looked that good for years!!

     Cleaning the duct work has already made a difference in the dust in the house. My husband, who originally said "Why have the ducts cleaned the house isn't that old!!" now says "I'm so glad you had the ducts cleaned"!!! Especially when he saw all the debris, dust and gravel that you cleaned out.

     However, the best part of all was when you offered to clean out my dryer duct. We hadn't originally contracted to have that done and when you offered to do it at no extra charge,! couldn't believe my good luck. The dryer had been taking longer to dry the clothes...and the lint filter, which I cleaned regularly was always loaded with lint. WELL...when I saw all the lint that you blew out of the ducts....! could see that there was a real danger of having a fire one of these days.

     I can't thank you enough for a wonderful service and will certainly recommend you to our friends and neighbors.....especially to have their dryer ducts cleaned!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Irene and Phil Fournier



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